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Mainly provides: over 200 kinds of surge protective Device SPD. Such as : Smart/ Intelligent SPD, Class I SPD, Class I+II (B+C) SPD, Class II SPD, Class II+III SPD, Class III SPD, All-in- One SPD. Power Surge Protection Device SPD, AC/DC Surge protective Device. We also provide surge protectors according to customers' requirements.

  • SPD Encapsulated sheet varistor Workshop
    Our factory have 2 sets cnc parts stamping machine line
    4 sets semi-automatic machine line

  • SPD parts injection molding work shop
    All the parts was cnc machine line produce.

  • SPD assembling Line workshop
    All of our workers have professional training before make the SPD. So we can confirm our SPD quality was best and stable.

  • Warehouse
    The SPD will be keep here after finish.
    The package can be OEM.

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